About Us

The Pink Room is a shop & therapy studio in the heart of Leeds dedicated to empowering women. All of our stockists are indie female businesses and we are made up of the best holistic practitioners in the city who are passionate about empowering women through better mental, spiritual & physical health. We are here to destigmatise mental health, normalise chats about women's health and use our skills for the good of woman-kind! It can be tough out there as a woman, whether you were born female or identify as one, we are here to help you be the best version yourself. 


To create an honest, safe & inclusive space for all women - free from judgement. To help trans women feel able to access well-being. 


Our shop is full of remedies, aromatherapy, modern witchcraft, gorgeous homewares, books, prints, skincare, wellness wonders....all created by small female makers in the UK. 


We work with Freedom For Girls as a collection point for period products & each month we let our social media followers pick the female charity of the month to donate proceeds to, from the sale of certain products.

The Future

This is our first small step into feminist enterprise, we have big dreams to find ways to make wellness more accessible to people with low incomes because every woman deserves to live their best life. 

About Our Founder

Our Founder, Ella, is a wellness practitioner who retrained in her mid-twenties after discovering how impactful alternative heath can be. Ella has a long history of mental & physical illness and is devoted to empowering other women with the tools to heal themselves. She is a big advocate for our wonderful NHS but she understands what it is like to feel hopeless when the medical proffession doesn't have answers. This is where we, as complementary therapists, step in. Ella is a holistic massage therapist, mindfulness & wellness coach, body positivity yoga teacher, feminist, mum, sister, friend & daughter. She is both soft and fierce, and always ready to give out a big hug.