Welcome to The Pink Room booking page! We are a female empowerment studio. We are made up of some of the best female focused practitioners in Leeds, with the shared passion to create a safe space for all women, including trans women, to heal. 

Each of our practitioners are passionate about women's health, we are female focused but welcome men too. All clients are treated holistically, which means we really get to know you to create the perfect treatment for your needs, whether they are mental, physical or spiritual. Although we are a collective of like minded practitioners each of us are independent businesses, so if you can't book in at The Pink Room, you can contact them for their availability at their other locations. We are so looking forward to welcoming you to The Pink Room. 

To find out more about us visit our Team page. 

At this time we are  made up of:

Holistic Massage Therapy

Yoga Massage Therapy

Person Centred Psychotherapy

Female Empowerment Yoga Coaching

Spiritual & Energetic Healing


Tarot Reading

We are looking for more practitioners from different disciplines to join our team, either remotely or in person. Get in touch!

What a treat.